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ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for August 2017


Dear Clients,

Having more than 10 years of experience in the Forex industry, Forex.ee team has developed for itself the most productive business model, the main point of which is the highest customer satisfaction. Therefore, remaining a client of Forex.ee, you will always receive the best services on the international currency market, as well as professional support in case of need.

All this became possible due to ECN technology, which found widespread use in the services of Forex.ee. This technology completely excludes the conflict of interest between Forex.ee and its customers, which allows us to send the maximum amount of our resources to provide the quality of services that our customers want to receive, without taking into account specifics of their trading strategies.

And in order to demonstrate our desire to create the best trading environment on the FX field, we would like to draw your attention to the important part of our trading conditions, which in full amount shows the quality of our services.

Average spreads for August, 2017:  (July’17 spreads are shown in brackets)

EUR/USD –  0.4 (0.4) GBP/USD – 0.8 (0.9)
USD/JPY – 0.8 (0.7) USD/CHF – 1.1 (1.0)
EUR/GBP – 0.9 (1.0) EUR/JPY – 1.1 (1.0)
EUR/CHF – 1.0 (1.0)  AUD/USD – 0.6 (0.7)
USD/CAD – 0.7 (0.8) NZD/USD – 0.7 (0.9)

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